Grab ‘Em By the

Disclaimer:  This post is old news (not to be confused with fake news).  Originally posted on October 13, 2016 on a different blog started by yours truly.  I am, apparently, a serial blog starter.  When I wrote it, in the wake of pussy-gate, I was still laughing at the idea of a Trump Presidency.  Here I sit, eight months later, bawling my eyes out at the reality of a Trump Presidency.  Since this post will be going up on what is essentially a holiday weekend, and since  POTUS recently tweeted about ‘low I.Q. Crazy Mika,’ this seemed as good a time as any to recycle some old news.  

Last Friday, as shit was hitting the fan in the Trump campaign, Chris was flipping channels and landed on CNN.  A reporter was on the phone with Jason Chaffetz, Republican representative from Utah, who declared “I’m out,” in reference to his endorsement of Donald Trump.  He cited his 15 year old daughter as one of the reasons why, saying he wouldn’t be able to look her in the eye if he endorsed such a man for President.

My wife and I have a DAUGHTER, bitches!

Now, let me be clear.  I don’t have a penis.  Which I guess is why I can’t explain to you why the phrase ‘grab them by the pussy’ is what finally led a number of Republicans to the conclusion that perhaps Donald is not terribly Presidential.  Not that the phrase isn’t completely reprehensible and rapey and gross, but it’s also not altogether surprising coming from the pouty little mouth of the man the Republican party nominated for POTUS.  Over the weekend, a chorus of Republicans (and, to be fair, probably Democrats too) began repeatedly letting us know they have daughters, wives, mothers, sisters, etc.  As Samantha Bee pointed out on Monday’s episode of Full Frontal, 100% of American men are related to at least one woman, yet many felt the need to point out said relations so as to give them extra authority on the subject of why Trump is a turd. Thanks boys, for acknowledging the vaginas in your life.  You are all that is good and right, bright lights in a dark world.  Not sure where the hell you’ve been for, I dunno, this whole damn election cycle, but welcome and good morning.  Would you like a cup of coffee?  My vagina would be happy to get you one.

Anyhoo.  Back to Mr. Chaffetz, who really is just my figurehead for all the vagina lovers who came out of the woodwork this past weekend.  I’m not trying to single him out, but he’s who showed up on my TV.  I don’t know much about him.  I know he’s a Republican and initially endorsed DT once he won the nomination; so I operate on the assumption Jason and I do not have a lot of common ground.  Regardless, I was happy to hear him acknowledge his daughter as reason to pull his public endorsement.  I admittedly watched the interview with stink-eyed skepticism, looking for any reason to tear him apart, because I have a somewhat jaded view of Republicans and am all that’s wrong with America.  He didn’t give me much.  While it was super off putting to hear him throw in there how he would rather gouge his left testicle with an ice pick than vote for Hillary, I understand he’s got a party line to tow. Whatever. By the by, that ice pick part might have been paraphrased, but he said something to the same effect.  He also didn’t say who he WOULD actually vote for.  He simply pulled the endorsement.  I ultimately don’t know shit about how this all works, but it seems to me, he could still be voting for weasel head. But, grass is green and the sky is blue and carbohydrates are delicious and I have inevitably digressed.  The gist of the interview, though, was what I wanted it to be.  Kind of.

What, you ask, does any of this have to do with living with an 11 year old daughter and a 14 year old son, which is supposed to be the primary focus of this blog?  Would you believe I’m gonna tell you?

Here’s the deal.  I’m trying to raise my daughter to be a woman who feels valued by society regardless of her income, or how many kids she has (or doesn’t have), or whether or not she decides to get married, or how big her boobs are, or what she wears.  And maybe reaction to this tape is a step in the right direction. BUT I’M ALSO TRYING TO RAISE A SON WHO’S NOT GOING TO TURN INTO AN ASSHOLE MAN.  I know, I know.  The caps lock button is really damn annoying, but this is important.  I didn’t hear Mr. Chaffetz mention anything about how this might come across to his male children (or child, I admittedly do not know the demographics of his family).  And, maybe it’s too far of a reach, but the omission leads me to believe, despite Donald’s depravity, we as a society have no issue looking into our sons’ eyes while endorsing Trump.  This doesn’t seem like a minor detail to me.  This seems like the central detail. Of the whole fucking election.  If Donald can talk (to say nothing of act) like that and be President, why not our sons?  So, while I most certainly appreciate the outrage on behalf of our daughters, we’re all completely missing the point if we don’t have a little outrage on behalf of our sons being exposed to this shit show.  Because if my son grows up to be an asshole, it’ll be every bit as disappointing as my daughter growing up and being viewed as nothing more than a pussy.