Did You Know?

Did you know

a person can come to the USA as a child, likely brought by his or her parents in an effort to escape civil war in their native country?  And that he or she can spend 20 plus years here, most or all of which are under protected status from the US government, via Temporary Protected Status and/or Deferred Enforced Departure?  This person could graduate high school and pursue higher education.  Or, they could enter the work force.  They could have children, build a life, and become an integral part of their community.  And then, poof, one day, all of a sudden; a President can decide your protected status in the United States shouldn’t be a thing, and that the government should be allowed to deport you back to your country of origin at any time.  Of course you did.  My readers aren’t stupid.

Similar but different to DACA, Liberians will be losing their Deferred Enforced Departure status on March 31st.  In 27 days, they could be forced to leave their children and return to a place they haven’t been to since they were maybe five years old.  A place they left under duress.

Did you know

a group of Liberians and other concerned citizens can pay a visit to a Congressman’s office to voice concern and urge him to use is political power to ACT to protect them?  And that congressperson can choose to not let them into the office and simply send out the receptionist to hear their concerns.  And, even though he’s IN the office, he can refuse to come and say hello to these people, who are legitimately afraid of their friends and family being deported in twenty nine days.

We got a talkin’ to from a crabby Star Bank lady because photos aren’t allowed. In a building that houses the office of a U.S. Congressperson. Sorry not sorry, crabby bank lady #Democracy


Relegated to the hallway, denied entrance to an office our tax dollars pay for. My expression looks to be apathetic, but in reality it’s my ‘boiling on the inside’ face.


Did you know

a language arts curriculum requiring students to read ‘contemporary and classic texts including novels, poetry, drama, short stories, and non-fiction selections that reflect diversity in race, gender, age, economics, and geography’ is political?  And innately flawed because it teaches kids what to think and not how to think?  Because the only way to teach kids how to think is to read stuff by old, dead white guys?  Hell, who even needs teachers?  Why don’t we just park them in front of Faux News all day every day?

Did you know

a solid 14 hours of video game playing over two days is adequate justification for not getting your crap off the stairs, no matter how many times your mom’s asked you to get your crap off the stairs?  And expecting one to watch two hours of the educational videos required to become a soccer referee (because we expect our 15 year old to earn his own spending cash this summer) when he has the day off of school is tyrannical?  And requiring him to bring down all the cups, bowls, food wrappers, and other miscellaneous garbage (none of which is supposed to be upstairs in the first place) before returning his confiscated xbox controllers is synonymous with Nazi Germany?

Of course, this seems out of context with things like people being deported and parents trying to control school curriculum.  Because it is.

But, based on my week, logic and sense have no place in the world.  So why does my blog have to be any different?

The week was crazier than last week, which was really fucking crazy.  And I feel like I’ve made that statement for, like, the last 60 some odd weeks.  I’m angry and exhausted.