Same Shit, Different Decade


Even though thing #2 struggles a bit academically, I usually don’t worry too much about her.  Mostly because when she really puts her mind to something, be it getting her social studies grade up or coming away with the ball in a soccer tussle, she gets it done.  She’s fierce, strong, relentless, and opinionated. I’m one of the moms who gives a hearty hallelujah anytime I see the ‘I’m raising a strong daughter which is why I need a strong drink’ meme.  She bowls over obstacles (I’m more often than not in the obstacle category) and shows them who is boss.  In order to avoid terms like bossy, domineering, and demanding; her dad and I like to describe her as ‘full of leadership potential.’

The week’s news, though, that 45 would get to nominate another Supreme Court justice felt like a punch in the gut.  Because, despite all her leadership potential, bowling over the Supreme Court of the United States seems like a tall order, even for her.

POTUS’ faithful would have you believe it’s because I want her to be a flag burning, braless slut and have 16 abortions before she turns 17.

I can assure you, that’s not it.  None of that is it.

However, I do have some radical ideas about what I want her future to look like.

I want her medical care to be between her and her physician.  I want the decision of if and when she becomes pregnant to be completely in her hands. Yes, that means I want it to be illegal for an insurance company not to cover her birth control.  If she decides to have a child, I want her to have paid maternity leave, and I want the amount of said maternity leave to be as much or more than that of other developed countries.  If her doctor prescribes an abortifacient drug, I want her to be able to get it filled without fear of judgement or shame.  If a pharmacist doesn’t want to fill it?  Fine, but there damn well better be someone else behind the counter who can do it without incident.

What I really want, though, is for these ideas to quit being considered radical.  It is two thousand and eight fucking teen, and all I want is a future where my daughter and her female peers don’t have to deal with the same shit women have been dealing with forever.  I want her to be seen and treated as a full human being.

Unless they are guaranteeing her rights to it, I want the government to be as hands off with her healthcare as they are with men.

I want pro-lifers to be as passionate about her well-being as they are that of fertilized eggs.

I want her to have equal rights.

I want it to be illegal for insurance companies to deny her coverage because of her preexisting condition (peanut allergy).

I want it to be illegal for employers to pay her less than her male counterparts.

Is there a pro-life nominee who could share these wishes for my daughter and her peers?  I suppose it’s possible, but let’s face it, even if such a mythical creature existed, I cannot see 45 nominating him or her.

I have to admit, there is some small part of me who would be willing to give up her right to an abortion if I could trade them for all these wishes.  Even though I’ve been pro-choice since I knew what pro-choice was.

But that’s not the way it works.  We live in times of zero logic and zero compromise.  I am legitimately afraid for my daughter, and I fucking hate it.