Uncharacteristically Brief, but Characteristically Underwhelming Words on Motherhood from Yours Truly

My previous post got a lot of likes and positive feedback. And, I cannot tell a lie, I like likes and positive feedback. As I sat down today to try and write something, though, I cringed a bit when I looked back at it.

Because it was pretty damn judge-y, and may perhaps have come across as me thinking I know something. And believe you me, I know nothing, and have exactly zero room to judge; especially when it comes to parenting.

Here’s one of the few things I do know, though. (I guess I know one thing.)

Motherhood is hard.

And Motherhood during the middle and high school years feels super extra in the hard category. And I really can’t imagine how hard it’s going to feel as we navigate our final two years of high school for my son, who is about to complete his sophomore year of high school.

Yes, parenting in general is hard. I mean no disrespect to dads, but it’s mother’s day.

It’s hard not to mother from a place of fear when we live in a culture of fear. It’s hard not to get sucked into competitive mothering when living in an ultra-competitive society. It’s hard not to worry about what’s going to become of our children when they repeatedly don’t make the choices we wish they would.

And so I feel the need to apologize for calling moms out for trying to do the best for their kids. Because I do believe that moms (and dads too!) really are trying to do the best for their kids, in a society where it feels incredibly challenging to know what ‘doing the best for our kids’ even means.

So, my wish for my fellow moms on this mother’s day is a bullshit free day. A day without worrying about all we’re doing wrong. A day without judgement. A day of knowing we’re enough. No matter what the world tells us. No matter what the voices in our head tell us. No matter how many stupid decisions our teenagers make in the coming week. Even if they don’t get 4’s or 5’s on their AP tests. Even if they never took an AP course. Even if they smell bad and need haircuts. We’re enough, moms; and we’re all doing the best we can. And it’s enough.

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