Reply All The Curse Words

I have been out of the work force since, well, forever pretty much. Or just shy of 15 years if we’re going for accuracy (BOR-ing). When employed, back in the day, I had a work email address, but I only checked it when I didn’t have better things to do, which was essentially never. I worked for a hospital system with thousands of employees, and the only emails I received went to everyone, were not typically pertinent, and never required action on my part. I worked in a hospital lab. If people needed information from me, they typically really needed information from me (think, WHERE THE F*** IS THE STAT POTASSIUM LEVEL I ORDERED or I KNOW THE TEST FOR CYCLOSPORINE LEVELS TAKES TWO HOURS, BUT I SENT THE SAMPLE 10 MINUTES AGO SO WHY IS THE RESULT NOT IN THE COMPUTER?); so they called.

Thus, I do not understand email etiquette. At ALL.

Thus, the <reply all> button is the bane of my mother effing existence.

It is admittedly likely due to a lack of understanding on my part.

If an email is sent to the soccer parents* (most of whom are highly educated and have important, prestigious jobs) about arranging a gift for the team manager, is it really necessary for multiple people to reply all thanking those arranging the gift and letting them know it’s a great idea?! Seriously, what is the thought process??

‘If I only reply to the sender, then the entire team won’t know I think it’s a great idea to arrange a gift for the team manager. That would never do. Everyone must know I’m grateful. Better reply all’

‘Maybe if I don’t express to the rest of the team parents that I think a manager gift is a good idea, no one else will contribute, so I’d better reply all.’

Per usual, my agitation over this is not reasonable. I’m certain no one was sitting behind their monitor, rubbing their hands together and laughing maniacally, thinking ‘I’m going to REPLY ALL, that will really annoy Anne.’ These are good, smart, well-meaning folks. And it is highly possible that people with actual lives and jobs don’t have time to weigh whether or not ‘reply all’ is necessary or not. I wouldn’t know. I don’t have a job or a life. I’m an anxious stay at home mom of teenagers. I overthink everything and worry constantly about inconveniencing people.

Also, I love sleep and didn’t get nearly enough last night (compliments of a snoring spouse, a whining dog, and an Xbox playing/yelling teen with absolutely zero self-awareness). And I’ve not been exercising as much as I should. And I’ve been eating too much shit.

I’m tired, crabby, and stressed. Just like the rest of the damn world.

Today I’m taking out my frustrations on the ‘reply all’ button. It makes no more or less sense than anything else in life.

*I’m currently not connected via social media with any of my current fellow soccer parents. If that should ever change, and you should happen to come upon this, I’m sorry. I’m pretty much terrible. Sorry it didn’t come out til now.

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