Primarily Speaking, I’m Over It

My family had a month long lapse in health care for about a month at the end of last year. We were doing the ‘gamble on not getting hit by a truck with the understanding we could retroactively do the COBRA thing if we do.’ Or something. I don’t fully understand it, but of course my kid got sick. Not hit by a truck, or anything else catastrophic, thankfully; but there was a point where her throat was really sore and she had a fever on a Sunday. And she was missing work (perhaps I’m using that term lightly, but she had missed one session of teaching ski lessons and really didn’t want to miss another because the supervisors don’t like that shit), so we decided it was worth a trip to urgent care on a Sunday afternoon to get a strep test.

Since that December Sunday, I’ve received two bills. One from the clinic for $421 and another from a lab for $133. I don’t remember what our premium was going to be for a month of COBRA, but it wasn’t under $1000.

So, I guess we saved $420 by not having coverage?! This is just the stupidest fucking thing ever and makes me want to punch kittens. And I’m refraining from telling you about how much we dropped on generic prescriptions for the month. I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t realize GENERIC drugs could cost so much. This might be the second fucking stupidest thing ever and makes me want to punch lemurs.

Luckily, we have coverage now, through MNSure, which I think might be a remnant (marketplace??) of Obama-care, but I don’t really know, because who can even keep track of such things in the current political shit show we’re living in? Was it repealed? Did it ever actually exist?

I’m happy we have health insurance. Obviously, though, I can’t tell you if buying on the marketplace saved us any money. Because I’m not a freaking accountant or economist or whatever one needs to be to have enough knowledge to know such things. I CAN tell you my family, who thankfully enjoys robust physical health, pays just shy of $1000 a month for coverage. Which could be ok, maybe, if it covered my kid’s therapist and psychiatrist.

Yes, one of my kids sees a psychiatrist. Honestly, yours probably should too. Come at me with your judgement. Seriously. Do it. I dare you. I’m in a right spry mood, kids.

In defense of our coverage, there are perhaps providers in network who would be covered. But, in the case of the psychiatrist, find me one in network who has an opening within six months. And in terms of the therapist, I don’t want to ditch the year and a half of work our current one has done with my kid and start from ground zero. So we pay out of pocket.

Were I not a complete and total waste of oxygen, I probably would have done enough research to know which of the candidates on my ballot today has the best plans to deal with this situation. But I AM a waste of oxygen, so I don’t know the plans of all the candidates. I don’t know what medicare for all means for a family like mine.

Perhaps I didn’t bother learning about these candidates’ plans because I feared I wouldn’t be able to understand them. OR, perhaps I didn’t bother because I feel even if there were a perfect plan, it won’t ultimately go anywhere after the general election. Because it would undoubtedly be debated into oblivion and/or watered down to a bill that actually does nothing once Congress were to get her hands on it.

Since I am confessing my democratic inadequacies, I’ll tell you I’ve not ever really paid attention to a primary before this one. I don’t know why. Lack of social media? Preoccupation with keeping my small children alive? Who knows. It doesn’t matter.

I’m concerned, though, because even though I have only somewhat paid attention during this primary, I can definitively tell you I am NOT A FAN. I’m over watching this crew beat each other up when we’re on the same flipping team. I’m over my husband and son telling me why I voted for Liz. Apparently my only reason for picking her was because she doesn’t have a penis. I HAD NO IDEA. Thank God I have these wise all knowing males to tell me what I’m thinking. I’m over otherwise nice, normal people who can’t promote their candidate without turning into complete and total dickholes about all the other candidates.

I’m pointing my frustrations at the Democratic primary tonight. Perhaps unfairly. I’m tired. And probably a little fearful. Of what will happen if Trump wins again. Tired and fearful. These are probably the only ways I can definitively describe myself tonight. Which means I probably shouldn’t be writing. Well, hell.