Pandemic Diaries, yes every damn day

My guess is you’re thinking I’m getting ready to gripe about another quarantine inconvenience. You are incorrect!

I got a text last night:

You best believe I was all over that action. Actually Chris was, because I didn’t have time to call today. Not having to make dinner while helping support a local business? Hells yes.

Like pretty much everything these days, there are kinks to be worked out. Chris has waited in line for over an hour. He’s assuring me it’s no hassle. Methinks he might be enjoying time alone in his car. Go figure.

The line of cars makes me happy. I don’t know Jake and Genevieve, but apparently they live in my neighborhood. And their neighborhood is showing up in spades to help their small business stay afloat. I’m guessing the za’s will be less than piping hot. I’m hoping/assuming people are going to extend some grace. They certainly should– I’m guessing most of these folks have nowhere else they need to be. I’m also guessing many, many Thursday evenings have passed since they had an evening schedule so free.

The level of uncertainty around me is unprecedented in my life. My personal uncertainties are manageable. One kid’s dental appointment has been canceled. The other had his driving test canceled. I have no idea when either will be rescheduled. These are minor blips. People around me, those I know and the many I do not, have far more significant unknowns. It’s hard not to absorb the anxiety. Empathy can be a real sunofabitch.

Since I started writing, our pizza has arrived, and my family enjoyed it together. I don’t know what tomorrow holds. I’m equal parts frustrated with and grateful for today. But the pizza was damn tasty.