Pandemic Diaries- TGI-WTF Day is It?

On Fridays I deposit my boss’ checks and pick up lunch for the three of us in the office. I did that today, and that’s pretty much the only way I know what day it is. While I was running these errands, my boss and co-worker got it in their heads that Governor Walz was going to take our quarantine to the next level. Since it seemed today could be the last day any of us would be able to report to the office, we moved into a ‘get as many returns out of here today as we possibly can.’ I left the office at 6:45 and said I could come back this weekend if needed.

We also instituted a locked door policy today. Folks coming in and out had trickled down to next to nothing, and we’d told those who called to ask if they could stop in and drop of documents not to come in– they could leave stuff in the bin outside. But some dude today charged right in, started gabbing about how it must be nice that we’ve gotten a reprieve with the extended tax deadline. Ok dude. Whatever. At any rate, that was it for us. We put up a sign saying the door was locked and stuff had to be left in the bin. I have to say, for the most part, people have been very good about this. We all expected some complaints when we made these requests of clients, but none have yet come to pass.

If you’ve got to live somewhere during a pandemic, I recommend the Twin Cities. The general population seems to be falling into line, and the governor has been amazing. I’m very, very relieved to have competent leadership at the state level, considering there is seemingly no national plan whatsoever.

My parents are in Arizona, and were scheduled to drive back to Minnesota; with a few stops along the way at the end of the month. I just talked with my mom about their best course of action. They have the option of staying in the place they’re renting, or leaving early. And after about 10 minutes of discussion, we agreed that we have no effing idea what they should do.

My couch is calling. Be well, friends.