Pandemic Diaries- Groundhog Day with Déjà Vu All Over Again

While very few aspects of life feel normal these days, my husband is still a complete dork.

My boss gave me the option of coming in to work today, and I took it. Perhaps my family was driving me nuts, or maybe I thought it could be my last chance to log hours for the foreseeable future (my baseless speculation is our governor will declare shelter in place any minute), or perhaps the idea of performing my tasks without having to answer 72 phone calls was appealing. I can’t really say. But I went in, and I’m glad the things I did today won’t be waiting for me if I go in on Monday morning.

We are, all in all, doing well. But I also refuse to deny the constant low level anxiety I’m carrying around. Minnesota lost its first citizen to Covid-19 today. The number of cases continues to grow daily. I think we’re at something like 137.

There’s not much else to say. I feel really grateful that our normal lives are something I miss so much. And definitely feeling some remorse for all the times I took it for granted.

Tomorrow I Sabbath. Looking forward to it.