Pandemic Diaries- Drop Your Shoulders, Drop Your Baggage

I really did not anticipate working this week. I was certain the governor was going to declare shelter in place over the weekend. He did not. I was even more certain he would declare it today. He did not. I would say I know the declaration is coming, but maybe it isn’t?

I readily admit he has access to people with the best information available, and I think I trust his judgement as far as this is concerned. Unlike 45, my governor hasn’t spouted off what anyone can prove to be outright lies: anyone who wants to get tested can be tested, we have tremendous control of the virus, four weeks ago nobody thought this would be a problem. I suppose I can be accused of being partisan, but for the most part, I have felt some calm and assurance after the governor has spoken.

I’m really, really ready for shelter in place, though. This isn’t horribly rational on my part. Whatever damage (i.e. infections) is going to come to my two coworkers and me has undoubtedly already come. Perhaps I am falling prey to the fear, but it’s impossible for me to imagine none of us currently carrying this virus right now. So, I suppose there is some logic in simply continuing to try and churn out returns as quickly as possible.

But I am tired. And tense.

Yesterday I rode our basement exercise bike. I’ve been doing some form of stationary bike classes for a long, long time. I know about proper fit and form. I’m well versed in the art of not carrying too much tension in the shoulders while spinning. When one of my favorite instructors says, “Drop your shoulders, drop your baggage,” my shoulders are typically already dropped.

Yesterday, when I finished my ride though, my shoulders ached. I think maybe my shoulders were up to my ears for the entire ride. I’m still feeling it today.

Going back to my governor. He’s self-isolating after having come in contact with COVID. The lieutenant governor’s brother in Tennessee has died from COVID complications, and the husband of one of my U.S. senators is hospitalized with the virus. I worry she must be carrying it as well. A friend of a friend who cut short her study abroad in Spain and returned home on March 17th has tested positive. It is coming. Closer and closer.

I’m trying to drop my shoulders and baggage, but it’s getting harder by the day.

Good news for the day: Jerod made brinner. Take care and be well, friends.