Pandemic Diaries- Serenity NOW

I’m reaching a new level of rage today. Forty-five has announced the revised date for when he’s going to have this wrapped up is Easter Sunday. If this were based on anything remotely scientific, I could get behind the idea. But it isn’t, and everybody knows it. Dan Patrick is volunteering grandparents to take one for the team and simply die. Rand Paul surrounded himself with people while he felt sick.

I live in a bubble. I rarely interact with folks who say this is a hoax, or overblown, or 45 is doing a stellar job. My friends and family are doing all they can to limit exposure to other humans. I have zero patience for those who aren’t. What I really wish is for this virus to target those who refuse to trust science, those who value the stock market over human life, those who have enabled a sack of horse shit to sit in the Oval Office. Not proud of that attitude, but I’m also not going to deny my feelings.

But that’s simply not how a virus works. It has no preconceived notions about who to infect. Any host is a good host, whether they followed the rules or not. Those of us doing all we can to halt the spread are untimely at the mercy of those who don’t. It is so unbelievably frustrating.

Cute dog pic because I got nothin’ else. Wishing you all good health.