Tired of being Admired (or Essential)

Today I learned those working in the tax industry are considered essential.

Should I be flattered? I don’t think I am. It seems lots of workers are considered essential. I heard someone throw out the number 80% today. Not terribly exclusive. I am fortunate in that my boss is giving me freedom to decide how I want to move forward after Friday. Problem is, I don’t much care for decision making. I did tell him today that I’d likely stay home on Monday for the implementation of e-learning, whatever the hell that’s going to mean.

Today was the day the wheels completely came off at the house while Chris and I were working. I’m not sure what happened. I know my phone rang, and one kid sent me a video, and both kids sent me a slew of text messages. Haven’t watched the video, didn’t read all the messages. I figured if they were both texting, they were both alive. No problemo.

We decided to again support the pizzeria owned by folks in our neighborhood for dinner tonight. But because of last week’s high demand, they opted to sell only pizza kits tonight. I have many skills. Forming a ball of dough into a pizza crust isn’t one of them. And it was the last thing I wanted to do after work today. I know very little about what the future holds, but I can tell you without a doubt we will not be ordering pizza kits next week. I could not possibly feel more pathetic and entitled right now, so don’t feel like you need to call me out on it.

I’m reaching a new level of exhaustion, cynicism, apathy, tension, worry. But I think maybe the greatest of these is apathy. Or maybe exhaustion. I dunno. I suppose it’s good worry isn’t #1 on the list.