Always busy? Buy this dress!

This is apparently where we are as a society. Get two sheets, throw ’em together, call it a t-shirt dress and you can wear it anywhere! I’m down with this plan, but only during quarantine, OK?? ‘Cause that dress is silly, y’all.

We’re on edge around here. The unknowns are overwhelming. Or maybe it’s the knowns that are overwhelming. I suppose it’s both. The kids likely won’t go back to school. No one has any idea if there will be any spring or summer soccer. My job, which once upon a time had an end date of 4/15, could go on into the summer. Not that it would be a bad thing, but not knowing is just weird. While we will undoubtedly virtually gather with our church people on Easter, we will not be in the building together. Donald might be, but we will not.My son will most likely celebrate his 18th birthday in isolation. My dogs are both due for trips to the vet, but I can’t even think about that right now. My kid has cavities that need to be filled. I need a haircut.

It is good, I guess, to be reminded of things I used to take for granted. Impromptu chats with the neighbors at the end of the driveway, spring break trips, happy hour with friends, my formerly flippant attitude about germs. For what it’s worth, when we all get through this, I WILL revive my disdain of hand sanitizer (in normal times, some exposure to germs is your friend– ya gotta have exposure to build immunity– of course, these are NOT NORMAL TIMES).

We have had a very chill Saturday, the kind I used to relish, but now complain about. Life is funny. I made chicken vindaloo, which I’ve had the ingredients for for months, but could never find time to actually put together. And, I even chopped up some cilantro garnish. Typically, I would buy the cilantro, but then I’d forget about it or be too damn tired to garnish anything and then it would sit in the fridge and decompose into a soupy pile of green stuff in brown juice. So there’s that.