It Was a Good Day

Cue the Ice Cube. Or maybe don’t. His language is worse than mine, believe it or not.

My Corona discipline is to write every day. Which is thoroughly unnecessary, and content is reaching a new low. But I’m digging my heels in, y’all, in it to win it.

I participated in worship today, and am right proud of myself for actually showering before logging on. It had been, um, a day or two since I’d cleansed. I feel unbelievably fortunate to attend church with so many folks I adore. I miss being in their physical presence something fierce. But it may be a bit jarring when I can’t wear sweatpants or pajamas on Sunday morning.

Other activities included a long overdue cleaning of the kitchen, a nap, two episodes of The West Wing, and some houseparty time (it’s just a fancy facetime app, do not be alarmed) with my friends Jeanie and Larissa. They indulged me with information about what it’s like to practice obstetrics and gynecology during a pandemic AND assured me they’ll help me get my hands on some cipro if my Chipotle dinner (delivered sans contact while we were chatting) should lead to an e. coli infection. I also wrote a couple of notes. To mail tomorrow. Anybody remember handwritten notes??

All in all, I have not a single thing to complain about. Be well my friends.