Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore

I’m guessing the question every school administrator forgot to ask schoology reps when considering whether or not to adopt the platform was: Suppose schools need to shut down nationwide, and we have to use this product to educate the children, who I believe are our future; will your product have sufficient bandwidth?

I have been anxious about my kids beginning this new, largely unknown method of education. I’ve wondered how I could be assured my kids were doing what was expected of them. I didn’t worry about bandwidth (for what it’s worth, I have no idea if I’m using the term correctly), because I figured if the past two weeks of incessant Netflix streaming and online gaming hadn’t broken the internet; then anything would be possible.

I think we were about 15 minutes in this morning before my son announced schoology was down. Always the doubter, I took to the interwebs to ask other moms if their kids were having issues. They were. It wasn’t down for long, my kids were able to do what they were supposed to (though Elise still has homework and is managing to procrastinate), and I enjoyed partaking in one assignment alongside my kid: watching a cooking show for her world foods class. I personally wouldn’t have chosen Master Chef, but it was pretty nice to veg on the couch in the name of homework.

I didn’t work today because I wanted to help online learning go as smoothly as possible. Turns out I was utterly unnecessary, which I took as a sign I was supposed to watch a couple more episodes of The West Wing and keep churning out laundry. I dried some of said laundry outside because the sun was out. I also had the back door open for a bit so the dogs could come and go as they pleased. As a result, I just saw a mosquito in the house. I think having to deal with mosquitoes before the pandemic is over is bullshit. You won’t convince me otherwise.

More than 159,000 cases in the US, including John Prine (who I have most shamefully stolen the title of this post from). 2900 plus have died. Put one foot in front of the other and lead with love. Be well, friends. You don’t know me, John, but I love ya and I’m praying.