Ew, David

I resisted the urge to reply and tell him to fuck right off, and I’m right proud of that fact; because I’m tired and crabby y’all. I did follow my friend’s lead and ask to be removed from the group.

Here’s what I’d like to say to David:

Hi David. Thank you for your service. I am grateful. I would imagine you have an uphill battle with recruiting right now, what with the Commander-In-Chief being a complete and total dick waffle AND the world being in the midst of the greatest pandemic since I’m too tired to google when.

Here’s the situation though. I don’t know how you got my number. I don’t know if you’re legit or not, because recruiting via group texting parents seems inane. Also; I hate war, guns, hierarchy, and camouflage. You are really barking up the wrong tree here.

Did I mention I believe the Commander-In-Chief is a total and complete shit wanker?

Also 213,372 US cases of COVID-19.

5,094 dead.

My kid’s a junior. I can scarcely wrap my mind around my many friends who are planning to move their children into (or back into) dorms come fall. I sure as hell cannot wrap my mind around sending my kid to stay in barracks. To serve under a Commander-In-Chief I believe to be a grossly incompetent pecker nugget.

Best of luck,


In other news, today when I walked into the office my boss thanked me for my work and told me I’m doing an outstanding job. I could’ve cried, friends. I don’t know why. Maybe because positive feedback has been somewhat lacking in my years as a stay at home parent. Maybe anxiety. Maybe gratitude. Probably a little bit of all those things. Thankfully I did not cry, because that would have been awkward.

I had to go to the grocery store after work. That too, could’ve made me cry. Perhaps because nearly every aisle had someone with their cart right square in the middle of the aisle while they tried to opt which brand of pretzels or cumin or udon noodles to place in their carts, making me want to scream. Perhaps because I loathe the grocery store in the best of circumstances. Perhaps because there was no possible way for me to convey my gratitude to those working there. Perhaps because I fear they are all going to contract this virus. Perhaps because I was really damn grateful to have the means to buy groceries, even if I didn’t want to be there. Probably it was a little bit of all those things.

Once I got home, Jerod had made tacos for dinner. Guess what? I could’ve cried. I was hungry and there was food before me. I was tired and I didn’t have to make dinner. The four of us ate dinner together, which we do frequently these days. I knew this was something I was missing when life was ‘normal.’ This experience has cemented that knowledge.

As usual, I have no succinct or snappy way to wrap this up. I’m grateful for so much. I am anxious about so much. I’m sad about so much. Put one foot in front of the other and lead with love. That’s all I got.

Be well, friends.