I don’t wanna ride the bike today

I don’t mind the work, but I frequently sing this song as I go down to ride the bike. I don’t wanna ride the bike today…

Throwing together a quick morning entry. Because my evening posts are, understandably, most likely coming across as very dark. And, because when I get home tonight, my ass is going directly to the couch.

Mornings are better for me. I thankfully still rest pretty well. I wake up two to three times a night, but if I can nearly always read myself to sleep using my backlit kindle. I know those of you schooled in healthy sleep habits are likely cringing real damn hard right now, and I get it. But this works for me, and until it’s broke, I ain’t gonna fix it.

I did a quick ride on the bike today, which is always good. And yet, I always resist it. I whine all the way down the stairs. I whine when I put the damn shoes on and situate myself on the bike. But then, after a 20 or 30 minute ride, I invariably feel better. Not sure why I resist it so when it makes me feel so much better. Self-loathing probs. I’m currently a big Cody Rigsby fan. He’s gay as the day as long. And crazy hilarious in a way I greatly appreciate right now. Today he talked about how he’s in the ‘I Love Peeps’ camp (ya love ’em or hate ’em, right?) and went on to describe how he prefers the bunnies. Because you can tear off one ear and eat it. Then the other ear. Then the head. Then the body. Ya probably had to be there, but I was amused.

That’s it for today. Time to hit the shower and do life.

Be well, friends.