Today I’m tottering between numbness and immense gratitude. I think, under the circumstances, it’s a decent state of mind. I’ve had no earth-shattering thoughts or notable emotional outbursts.

About a year ago (maybe two??), a group of friends and I instigated a book club with the intent of reading the <not really controversial but made controversial by a small group of people with very big mouths> books from the local high school’s 10th grade language arts class. It felt like a tiny act of resistance in a time when it really felt like the bastards, and only the bastards, were winning every battle. The books were amazing, the company was even better, and I met a lot of amazing women I likely would not otherwise know.

Including Heather, who made these signs. I do not know the entire story, but I think this started when she and her kids drew something along the lines of the symbols on the sign onto their retaining wall. Then there was rain, so I believe they upped their game to paint. And then, this morning on Facebook, I learned they were offering yard signs for sale. A portion of proceeds will go to the Edina Meal Fund.

Mine was delivered this afternoon, and it is definitely swaying me more toward gratitude than numbness. It is a reminder of good in the world. I think maybe I’ll go enjoy a glass of wine from my porch and just look at it for awhile.

Be well, friends.

P.S. While we don’t have a set schedule, the book club is still going strong. We’ve moved on to the 11th grade reading list and will be going virtual in the next week or two to discuss Louise Erdrich’s The Roundhouse. Even though it’s currently all women, there are no gender or age requirements. All are welcome. Not exactly sure what the discussion is going to look like (Zoom or perhaps just a Facebook discussion), but if you’re interested in joining us, contact me.

P.P.S.S Check out @thankuwallproject on Instagram. Thanks Heather.