I was scheduled for a haircut last Saturday. I am not much for scheduled maintenance of my tresses, but I made this particular appointment before leaving the salon after my last appointment, which I believe was in late 2019. I’m frequently catching myself doing a Bieber type head flip, because I can’t see. I’m not loving it.

There are a handful of things I just can’t seem to deal with this week. I can’t bring myself to read the email with an update about the soccer season, because I know what it’s going to say: We don’t know anything more than we did a week ago. I can’t bring myself to read the email from the school with information about AP exams because I could not possibly care less.

Thus, my gripes today are about needing a bang trim and not wanting to read emails that really don’t need to be read. And, I’m enjoying 70 degrees on the patio. So today seems pretty manageable. I might go so far as to call it good.

Be well, friends.