No News Is…

probably the only news I should absorb. Just watched a few snippets of the President’s presser. Wish I hadn’t.

Today has been fine. Fairly similar to the past two Mondays, I think, but who the hell really remembers? Highlight was a zoom gathering of church ladies who enjoy brown liquor. Had this event been in person and not web based, I never would’ve made it out the door. So, I guess you could say tonight I had some connections I wouldn’t have had under normal circumstances. There’s your COVID silver lining of the day.

Yesterday my family zoom’d in honor of my dad’s 74th birthday, which is today. Unconventional, yet lovely. My parents will leave Arizona and head home later this week. Nobody’s quite sure what that’s going to look like, so I’d appreciate any good vibes you’d care to send their way. Also, if you see or talk to my dear ol’ dad, feel free to reinforce what we all told him: NO, YOU SHOULD NOT PICK UP CHAPLAIN SHIFTS AT THE HOSPITAL WHEN YOU GET HOME. “Retired” parents are a handful, y’all!