Gonna Have a Cocktail, Vodka and Ginger Ale

If you were to randomly drop in and listen to what I’m streaming on Spotify at any given point, there’s an 80% chance the artist being streamed would list John Prine as one of their top singer/songwriter influences. That is to say, essentially all my favorite artists have lost a a part of what made the artists I love into the artists I love. There’s a better way to say that, but I can’t muster it right now.

I had the privilege of seeing him perform a little over two years ago when Chris and I attended Avett Brothers at the Beach. I don’t think it would be possible for anyone to take in a performance of his and not fall in love. He just seemed so damn real and nice and grateful to be able to perform. I also totally fan girl’d around that time when he liked an Instagram post of mine. No shame in my game.

In other news, my two kids are currently yelling at each other of the rationing of chocolate milk. Like, really really yelling. I’m feeling a very strong urge to lock myself in the bathroom with a bottle of wine.

In other news, I will officially be done with work after next Thursday. Considering my kids are still yelling at each other over milk, I’ll admit I’m not crazy about not being able to escape to the office.

Not much else to say, really. I’m tired and worried and sad, but with all else considered, I feel pretty damn fortunate that those are the only issues I have.

Be well, Friends.