Easter- The Pandemic Version

There are most assuredly many aspects of this Easter Sunday which are far less frustrating/maddening/stressful in our current situation. We haven’t had to ponder which of the three services to attend, or plot about what time we’d need to leave in order to get a seat, or worry about what to wear. While our worship community is very casual, I tend to feel a need to up my game at least a bit on Easter. I never actually do up my game, because that would require planning and shopping, which are deal breakers. But the whole issue of what to wear always occupies some space in my mind. And, I cannot deny some relief at not having to rouse teenagers out the door this morning.

And yet, today is tough.

By 8:30am, I’d read these messages in my feed. And I am so damn grateful. My faith community has dealt with things far more heartbreaking than not being able to gather on Easter Sunday. And we’ve learned to be very honest about doubts, fears, and emotions with one another. Which I guess is why I’m feeling very cheated for us not to be able to gather in the same physical space this morning.

Also, it’s snowing. Really?! REALLY?!

Back to the serenity prayer, I guess.

Be well, friends. Happy Easter. Whatever the hell that means in these times.