Here’s Your Sign

Anybody remember that from the 80’s? Or perhaps the 90’s?

Anyhoo. Jerod and I delivered 17 Thank U signs today. I did NOT document the event via social media, so whether or not we actually delivered said signs is, I suppose, debatable. The weather was splendid and it was a lovely drive. And a good distraction. You can order online now, if you’re interested.

I have a friend whose father is in a nursing home in Pennsylvania. There are six cases there, and he’s running a fever. They are having to have difficult conversations. I really cannot imagine.

Really nothing else to report, unless you really want to know we had McDonald’s for lunch (sign delivering works up an appetite), tacos for dinner, and now I’m enjoying some vino. This is all starting to feel normal. I do not know if that’s good or bad.

Be well, friends.