I Want to Strangle All the Things

I feel as if I waiver between two extremes in these days. Complete calm or an edginess at a level which makes me want to strangle all the things.

While we celebrated the best ever pandemic style, super snowy Easter ever (that’s a low bar, if you’re keeping track), I spent a fair amount of the weekend on the wanting to strangle all the things end of the continuum.

My husband’s current coping mechanism, during nonworking hours, is to go into the office, don the noise canceling headphones, and play video games on his laptop. Or, if work is weighing on his mind, his coping mechanism is to tell me in astonishing detail about the Excel problem he cannot quite seem to solve, and then to ask me to open Excel on my laptop while we’re eating dinner so he can walk me through the issue.

I use Excel every work day. I have a basic understanding. But I do not know, nor do I care, what the hell concatenate means.

And sometimes I just want to eat my dinner. Especially when it’s Easter Sunday.

And when I can’t, it makes me want to strangle all the things.

As for the children, they’ve both opted to cook and bake in order to ease tension and deal with boredom. Which should be fantastic. But when I come home and every damn dish is stacked in the sink, it makes me want to strangle all the things.

When my kids always opt to text me when they have an issue or question instead of their dad; even though I’m out of the house and work and Dad is also at work, but IN the house. When the dog wants to get out of bed at 5:30am. When I leave work on Monday, April 13th and it’s snowing. When I can’t go to the Mexican restaurant in the bottom of my building and have tacos for lunch. When I forget to put the trash out on pickup day. When I can’t get Netflix to load because everyone and their dog is streaming something.

These, among others, are the times I want to strangle all the things.

We are all fine and healthy in our house. And I am being a big whiner.

Be well, Friends.