Liberation Bastardization

The uncertainties of what’s ahead are plentiful, and that’s a hard thing.
My opinion, though, is there is no uncertainty as to what the future holds economically. It is going to be a complete and utter shit show. How could it possibly not be?
It’s a harsh reality. One I wish we could make go away by simply sticking our collective head in the sand, opening everything up, and sending kids back to school and everyone else back to work (seriously, this is my second day of not going to work, and I want these parasites out of my house more than I can possibly tell you).
I posted the above cover photo for a local group calling for an end to the shutdown, along with a very snide comment about keeping the country clubbers away from their pools for the summer. It was catty and nasty on my part, but it’s also more true than I’d like it to be here in my affluent suburb. Still, admittedly an inappropriate comment on my part.
BUT, that photo. It is so damn ridiculous I felt I earned the right to be catty and inappropriate. And, in my community, those joining these groups or efforts or whatever the hell we want to call them are the same folks wanting to sugarcoat the school’s curriculum so that their children never have to face the harsh realities of history.
If you go on to read what at least one of these groups has written, you’ll also learn, “…Governor Walz is using this entire situation to launch a full-blown attack on the citizens of Minnesota, not to save lives, but to strip away and annihilate the freedoms that we enjoy!”
First of all, you dipshits put an extraneous that in your sentence. Which I can only assume is because you’re total and complete morons and don’t read enough. Or simply too cheap to hire a mother trucking proof reader (which I actually should not throw stones at, but I can’t help myself).
Second, if you think a politician can’t see the reality of what lies ahead for the economy and understand what it’s going to do to his or her chances of reelection, perhaps you should go back to the rock you’ve been living under. NO PUBLIC OFFICIAL WANTS THE ECONOMY TO TANK.
Third, I really think the Russians are behind this bullshit. You’re playing right into their hands. You’re drumming up support for a President Putin adores, and you’re likely going to kill Americans in the process. I swear I can hear Putin laughing his ass off as I type this. Wake up, dumbasses.

A friend of mine posted the cover photo of those beautiful white hands breaking free from captivity and commented “Jesus wept.” I disagree. I don’t think ‘wept’ is a strong enough term here. I think Jesus broke into a complete and total ugly cry and his entire body convulsed with the power of his sobbing at the realization his children have been afflicted with a selfishness so total and complete.

Be Well, Friends. And here are a couple of pics from last year’s visit to The Memorial for Peace and Justice. Because they just seem somewhat appropriate.