It’s Tricky

No post yesterday. I guess I’m no longer ‘in it to win it.’

I was too busy cooking really bad for me food and eating my feelings and actively working to literally become one with the couch. Or perhaps I could more accurately say become the couch, like actually become a cushion.

My son played 18 holes of golf yesterday. I don’t really know what to make of the re-opening of golf courses. It is hard for me to imagine my kid and his three friends really stayed six feet apart from one another for the duration (though one of these kid’s dad was in the group ahead of him, so, maybe? I know zero about golf).

What I do know is this: Prior to yesterday’s golf, I cannot recall when my kid last left the house other than to perhaps drive his dad or me to pick up carry-out. I have encouraged him to get out and shoot hoops or walk the dog or do anything to absorb a little vitamin D and move his body; but prior to yesterday, with little to no success. He is a junior in high school, less than four weeks away from his 18th birthday (academic red shirt), at least a head taller than me and carrying as much or more mass than I am. Much as I would like to, I cannot physically pick him up, carry him outside, and make him do what I know would be best for his mental and physical well-being. While I know I should do things like limit the time he has access to xbox controllers, figure out some way to shut off the house’s wi-fi capability for certain hours of the day, or otherwise exert some semblance of parental control; I struggle with taking those steps for someone who is, at least in theory, on the cusp of adulthood and needs to learn some self-control.

Also, I don’t want the bellyaching that would come if I absconded the video game controllers and I do not know how to shut off the wi-fi.

Anyhoo, while I had some misgivings about golf yesterday, I kept them to myself. Because he needed to get out of the house. And perhaps more motivating to me, I needed him to get out of the damn house.

It was so so so nice, y’all. The afternoon was largely silent on the home front. No TV or video game sounds floating down from the second level of the house. No sibling squabbles. No having to worry about figuring how to get my kid out the damn door to do something. I think maybe I exhaled tension for the entire four hours he was gone.

Is that awful? I think maybe it’s awful.

In other news: late last week my daughter informed us she won’t be able to college. When we asked why her response was because she has a C- in her advanced placement government class. She thought a C- in an AP course would prevent her from being able to go to college. I’m not sure where she got this precise idea, but WHAT IN THE HELL ARE WE DOING TO OUR KIDS?

Regardless, I’m not worried. Based on TikTok, her future is plenty bright.