In a very determined effort to avoid tasks I actually should have been doing this morning, I tidied what usually serves as our weekly schedule and general catchall for graduation announcements, wedding invitations, photos, and other miscellany. Taking inspiration from a Facebook friend from my elementary and middle school days (Hi Cathy!), I decided to give it a COVID focus. Mine is slightly more political than hers. Go figure.

Anyhoo, I thought it needed some quotes from 45, the pecker nugget in chief, and those quotes needed a headline of sorts. Did you by any chance know a thesaurus is my most favoritest reference tool? Well, now ya do. With the goal being something to make a snappy alliteration with COVID, I started looking for synonyms for lies starting with a hard C sound. Searching ‘lies’ got me nowhere. Searching ‘dishonesty’ got me chicanery. Which admittedly does not provide the desired alliteration, but DAMN if it isn’t an effective term for what I was trying to describe.

Didn’t DJT once claim to have the best words? Or was it the best people? Who the hell knows? But I’ll bet dollars to donuts he doesn’t know what chicanery means. Which I would call ironic. But whatevs.

Despite what may or may not come across in my writing, I fancy myself as dealing with this quarantine business fairly well. Yes, I get annoyed and complain. A lot. But this is not a COVID specific phenomenon for me. I love not using my car on a daily basis. I do not miss the morning hullabaloo of getting everyone out the door. I refuse to stress about distance learning, as I know all involved are doing the best they can. I do not get bent out of shape when the robot lady calls to tell me my kid hasn’t turned in what she was supposed to in order to not be marked absent for the day. Is she going to be labeled truant? Maybe. Is it going to meaningfully affect her future? NOPE. I have zero idea what this period of time is going to look like on my kids’ transcripts. But I know any higher education institution who is going to base its decisions about admissions or aid on this semester will not have the privilege of having my kid as a student. I think I share this attitude with exactly 0.0000001% of other parents in my district, for what it’s worth.

In many respects, my family needed this slow down; and I am not completely mad at it.


My frame of mind was pretty shitty this morning. I was frustrated about a lot of little things. I wanted to go back to bed after my second cup of coffee. After writing some snarky stuff on my board and a little outside run with my daughter, I’m happy to report I’m feeling much better. I have no idea what to make for supper though.

Highs and lows. Like everything else in life, quarantine is all about highs and lows.

Be Well, Friends.