Minnesota school buildings are officially closed for the remainder of the school year. Distance learning from here on out. I think everyone had predicted this, but it’s still a bit jarring to get the official word. I’ve developed some odd rash (is this some middle age bullshit– my skin is losing it’s damn mind of late) on both arm joints, which I’m now realizing I don’t know the exact name for.  We had quiche for dinner with a side of queso (more homework for world foods class).  I cleaned the bathroom.  

Essentially, life is really REALLY exciting around here.  I once again do not have much to say, so back to media.

Gavin & Stacey

I’m actually revisiting this one.  Chris and I watched season one, but it was a LONG time ago.  We loved it, but at the time, there were no more seasons available to stream, so it fell off our radar.  There are now four seasons, so I’m rewatching season one in preparation for watching the rest.  

It’s adorbs.  British sitcom with James Cordon before Carpool Karaoke.  Man and woman meet via phone, as part of their jobs, chat for six months; then schedule an in-person meeting and fall head over heels in love.  I have to turn on subtitles, because apparently I’m 189 years old and cannot hear well enough to comprehend a foreign accent, but other than making me feel antique, I very much enjoy it.  

Amazon.com: Gavin and Stacey: Season 1: Mathew Horne, Joanna Page ...

That’s all I got for tonight kids.  Today was fine.  Weather was nice,  daughter had a small breakdown over missing soccer.  Life is weird.  And eventful.  And boring.  

Be Well, Friends.