Hoping Tomorrow Will Feel a Little Better

A day or two ago (again, who the hell knows), I think I said something to the effect of ‘I fancy myself as handling this whole quarantine thing fairly well.’

Today I feel like that was very possibly the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever said.

There was absolutely nothing for me to complain about today.  Weather was nice, I spent the day at the office (and it was really damn nice to be out of the house), I came home, we had pizza for dinner, I had a video chat with a couple of friends, Chris and I said hello to a couple of neighbors (in an appropriate social distancing manner).

Everything is fine.

And yet…

I have not felt a lot of love for today.  It has felt heavy and sad.  There is nothing original to be said in this regard.  My heart hurts for the grandparents who cannot hug their grandchildren.  And for the high school and college seniors who are being denied so many traditional rites of passage.  And for those who live alone.  And those who are ill, either with COVID or cancer or heart disease or arthritis or whatever.  And all the essential workers living with so much stress and fear in these days.  And, and, and.

Heavy and sad.  It all just feels heavy and sad.

Taking my heavy, sad ass to bed and hoping tomorrow will feel a little better.

Be Well, Friends.