Keliix – Appleton 2020 – Cancelled


Job security was a constant for my parents, and has always been for Chris and me as well.  Food, shelter, health care, and all other basic needs have never been in question for me or my children.  And my family’s good fortune goes so far beyond the basic needs.  We’ve had incredible opportunities to travel, my kids’ education has been top notch, and they’ve been able to explore their frequently shifting passions.  Music, food, basketball, baseball, soccer, skiing, debate, and cooking; just to name a few we’ve cycled through.

COVID has reinforced all of this.  While I grieve the loss of normalcy for everyone on the planet; my personal loss of normalcy has not included loss of a loved one or significant loss of income or missing a graduation or uncertainty about what college will look like in the fall or not being able to snuggle a grandbaby or not being able to be beside a loved one who is dying or being lonely or or or or.  I could go on.  And on and on and on.

So, while I fully acknowledge mine fail in comparison to so many others; I will not deny I still have gut punch moments.  This week’s courtesy of soccer.  We received the above email last night.  Like Governor Walz’s announcement that school buildings wouldn’t reopen, we all knew this was coming.  And yet, there’s something about getting official word that feels akin to a strong swift punch to the gut.  The Appleton tournament has been cancelled, and I am certain now we simply have to wait for official word of the entire spring/summer season being over before it even started.

Am I entitled to grieve something I complained an awful lot about?  Yes.  My blog, my rules.  Because regardless of any complaining, I’ve never not enjoyed watching my kids work hard, hone their skills, and enjoy the experience of being on a team.  And I very much enjoy the camaraderie with other parents, particularly the pre (and occasionally post)-game trips to breweries and other watering holes.  You really haven’t lived til you’ve tried a dirty snowball at Cleo’s of Appleton, Wisconsin with a bunch of other soccer parents (surrounded by Christmas decorations even though it’s June).  You’ll just have to take my word for that.

Worse than my disappointment, though, is most certainly that of my daughter.  She was banking on the summer season to get the cobwebs out before high school tryouts in August.  And, while I assure her everyone is in the same storm (though not the same boat), logic isn’t really an effective tool when arguing with a 15 year old.  She’s certain she’ll never make a team, ever again.  She is so my daughter, for better or for worse.  The sky is never not falling.

And, she misses her teammates, her crazy coach, and simply the game.  It’s understandable.  I miss all that stuff too.

Til we see you again, Keliix peeps.  We miss you!

Be Well, Friends.