The 76th Thursday of Shelter in Place

No, not really.  I don’t know how long we’ve been living in this alternate universe.  Probably, in the grand scheme of things, not terribly long.

Elise is taking a world foods class this semester.  She was very excited about the list of foods they were going to make.  I was very excited for her to bring home those recipes and skills.  The distance learning version of this course is basically to pick a recipe to make (doesn’t have to be from the original list, doesn’t even necessarily have to be a food from another country), submit it by Wednesday, and cook said food by Thursday.

Yesterday started with her texting me and asking what she should make.  The abridged version of the story is I didn’t feel it was my responsibility to come up with a food to make when there’s a whole dang world wide interweb she could use to come up with an idea.  She called me lazy, I threw shade at her for waiting til the last minute to choose a recipe, we exchanged lots of heated texts, she ended up in tears, and I had a very strong urge to lock myself in the closet for the day.

Yes, that really is the abridged version.  There were a helluva lot of other facets to the story.  I’ll spare you.  She was being unreasonable.  I was being a bitch.  Mooooooving on.

In the end, the recipe selected was ćevapčići, a family favorite from our time in Croatia and Bosnia.  We had not previously made it at home, but it’s essentially little sausage looking type things composed of mixed meat, spices, garlic, onion, and baking powder (who knew?); so I figured we could probably pull the dish together.  There are a handful of things I’d do differently next time, and it admittedly didn’t taste the same without the seaside view and generous amounts of table wine.  But, it wasn’t awful!  Which I will always count as success when making something for the first time.

Top two pics are our attempt.  Bottom pic is what they look like in Croatia.  NAILED IT!  Kidding.  Ours bear very little resemblance to what we’re used to.

Once we decided we’d be making cevap, I texted an acquaintance whose parents were both born in Croatia to ask if she had any tips.  She didn’t, really.  But she did imply that if we were going to make cevap, we’d just as well try our hand at some lepinja, a somewhat pita like (though far superior) flat bread commonly found in the region.  I struggle with anything involving yeast.  Mightily.  But I decided to give it a go.  I should’ve taken pics of the mess I made, because it was a doozy.  The dough was incredibly sticky and I was certain the end product would be nothing more than an oversized pale hockey puck.  Astonishingly, it came out as edible.  And I’ve since watched a couple of videos of people making it, and, apparently, the dough is just hella sticky.

I’m not at all certain how that slab on the baking sheet could be any less visually appealing.  Again, lots of room for improvement.  But considering my daughter and I damn near came to blows while planning this meal, I’m astounded with the outcome.

Sleep has been not been perfect the past couple of nights, but it’s been MUCH better than earlier in the week.  Benadryl and a weighted blanket are what I had on hand, so that’s where I’ve started my quest for relief.  Magnesium has been ordered.  That’s all I know about that.

Today has felt like a good day.  In addition to cooking with my kid, I volunteered some time to work on a photo collage project for church.  It was good for my soul to look at all those lovely faces.  I’m grateful.

Be Well, Friends.