While I aspired to write here on good days as well as bad ones, it turns out good days are boring.  At least they are during quarantine.

We get up in the morning, we eat food, kids do school, Chris works and plays video games, and I while away my days with all the stuff that fills my soul:  eating, laundry, eating, cleaning the kitchen, eating, napping, and watching TV.  It’s titillating stuff, really.  But I’ve already written all that.

Today was not a good day, which is super bizarre, because I really have no reason to say it was all that bad.  And yet, there’s been an edge about me today.  I have lots of questions and zero answers.  When will my kid be able to take his drivers test?  Why do I keep hearing about stuff reopening while simultaneously hearing everything’s going to be closed for 18 months?  What are soccer tryouts going to look like in August? How much meat do I really need to stock up? How is it that gnats are going to be what pushes me over the edge?  WHY CAN’T COVID KILL THE GNAT BASTARDS?

Yes, these questions are there on good days.  But on not good days, such as this one, they just really piss me off.  And then, even though I know there aren’t any answers, I try to find some anyway.  It results in epic failure and disappointment.  Which leads to me being even more pissed off.  I’m super fun at a party, y’all!

I am smart enough to know I need to calm down.  Have a coke and a smile.  Seek serenity.  I also fully. understand I need to suck it up, because the things pissing me off are so damn insignificant as to be laughable.

Somedays, though, I lack enough intellect to overpower my emotions.

And then gnats send me over the edge.

Be Well, Friends.

One thought on “GNAT BASTARDS

  1. I’m sorry it was such a bad day for you. It was a good day for me – I got to see you!


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