The Kale Salad Days

I think the best caption for this photo might be simply: RESIGNATION

I started Noom again this week. While I have managed to log a decent amount of exercise during COVID times, I won’t deny I’ve done a lot of eating my feelings. I don’t know if I’ve gained weight, because I’ve avoided the scale like it’s a feverish person with a dry cough and an off-kilter sense of taste and smell.

I’m calling my kale salad resignation because I’m becoming increasingly certain that there is no end in site for this nonsense. And if I don’t at least make an attempt to pull myself together, my ending of COVID-19 will bear a striking resemblance to the end of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?.

And it’s fine. Kale salad is fine. I don’t hate it. But I’d rather have nachos or enchiladas or pizza or a bacon cheeseburger. I know kale is what’s best for me, though, so I’m eating quite a bit of it these days.

I will reiterate that I have a lot of pandemic days that are just fine, and I’m able to roll with the punches. I don’t write about them, but they exist.

Today, though, has not been one of those days. The reality that summer’s end is imminent is always tough for me. This year’s taking that phenomenon to a whole new level. I cannot see any possibility of the next six weeks going well. Hell, I have trouble seeing any possibility of the next six months going well.

In some fashion or another, we’ve been at this since March. I believe it was March 15th when the governor announced schools would be closing. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t know then how much uncertainty would still exist five months later. Things are uncertain. They will remain that way for an uncertain amount of time. And to what extent I can envision what the future holds, it doesn’t look terribly promising.

I trust tomorrow will be kinder. I’ve been at this long enough to know the dips on the CORONA-coaster don’t last forever. Whoo-boy, though. Today blows.

Kale salad for the foreseeable future.

My attempt to close on a better note– The War and Treaty released a new single today. I may or may not have played it 10 or more times today.