The day after: the suburbs edition

The Minneapolis metro weather has been a bit on the blah side this week. Skies have been gray, temps have been on the chilly side, and occasional snow flurries have reminded us it’s April in Minnesota. Winter’s waning, but she’s not gone yet.

I was watching local news yesterday afternoon when the verdicts were read in the Derek Chauvin trial. When asked by a reporter how he was feeling, one young black man replied that the air was feeling lighter and the sun was breaking through the clouds.

And, the sun indeed did break through the clouds for a bit yesterday evening.

It’s a new day, though. I don’t know what the weather forecast is predicting for today, and maybe it’s just a function of still being early in the day; but the clouds are seemingly back. It seems appropriate: guilty verdicts were read, the sun showed itself for a time; but there are still oh so many clouds.

Much to my chagrin, I cannot control the weather. Nor can a judge and jury. Thus, this moment of climatic symbolism was as fleeting as yesterday’s sunshine. I enjoyed the sun, but it’s time to get back to focusing on the things I can control and recognizing this moment of accountability was simply that. A moment.

The work continues. Stay focused, my friends.