In order for you to really be in my mind while reading this, I’m gonna need you to channel your inner Tevye and sing that to the tune of ‘TRADITION’ in your head.

A few things have happened since I last posted.

We took our son to college halfway across the country. I had many ideas about how this was going to go. None of said ideas were based in reality. There were a few weeks that were HARD for a whole host of reasons. Having survived one semester and one extended winter break (compliments of the Omicron variant), I currently feel this is an amazing phase of parenthood. The boy faced some struggles, dealt with them in ways that made my heart swell with gratitude; and seems to have found himself in a really great place. With the aforementioned extended winter break, there were some moments where I was really damn ready for him to get back to school. Then he left on my birthday and I had the big sad. Parenthood, y’all.

Our daughter has a sig-o. That would be a significant other. A boyfriend. Totally new parenting territory with a REALLY steep learning curve. We are muddling through.

We made a somewhat gut-wrenching decision to list our house of 17 years for sale. Five (I think??) years ago we essentially rebuilt the place from the ground up. It was our dream home. The thing is, though, that dreams change. Leaving the physical walls of our house was not hard. Leaving the neighbors we had raised our kids with, on the other hand, was brutal. Thankfully we are still fairly close and they still speak to us even though we changed zip codes. We frequently said during the process, “we are leaning in to empty nesting,” which is Holt speak for “we are downsizing before our nest is empty because we are old and tired.” We landed in a townhouse in a neighborhood we call Shady Acres because we are fairly certain we are the youngest people there. Not mad at it.

I switched jobs. I loved my seasonal tax job. Really loved it. It was the perfect reentry gig after 16 years of unemployment. The siren song of employer subsidized health insurance proved irresistible though, and I began looking for year round employment last spring. I landed as an administrative assistant at a nationwide accounting firm. The transition from an office of three people to corporate America and an office with some fairly intense personalities was tumultuous and I dang near belted out TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT on a handful of occasions. Truth be told, I had one foot out the door. Somewhere along the way, though, things improved and as of today, I’m fairly happy with how it’s going (possibly because I’m on vacation in Mexico!). That being said if you hear me say any of the following phrases, please punch me hard in my whole face.

People like us do things like this. (OK, boomer.)

We’re the people who change the world. (Just let me process tax returns, dude.)

We the curious. (Did somebody work hard to come up with that?)

Failure isn’t fatal. (Unless you’re skydiving?)

And, they call busy season OPPORTUNITY SEASON. Help me, friends. I can’t handle the schmaltz. Secret sauce, lean in (I know, I wrote it earlier. I hate me.), perspective changes everything, blah blah blahhhhhhh.

So, a fairly eventful eight months. To say I’m enjoying this current vacation could be a bit of an understatement. Tomorrow starts a string of four nights of live music by some of my faves, with some of my faves. Ahhhhhhh.


2 thoughts on “TRANSITION!!

  1. If my CPA husband ever referred to “Opportunity Season,” I would be paying for overnight straightjacket shipping. Yikes. In your corporates’ inner hearts, they know it’s Hell Quarter.


  2. You’re the best. We have a lot to catch up on this week, including the uncharted territory of the BF.


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